My Admin

In My Admin you can view and change your name, email, password and password retrieval question and answer.

  1. Select the blue My button in the top navigation bar.
  2. In the menu, select My Admin
  3. Select My Details to view or change your name and email. If you are a school member, your teachers will use this name to identify you in the school account. Keep your email up-to-date, it may be used to communicate important information and to retrieve your password.
  4. Select Password to view and change your password and password retrieval question and answer. If you need to retrieve your password, you may be asked to answer the question you set here. Remember to click Save after any changes.
  5. Select Wallpaper to customise the background of your Pearson Places passport.

  6. Note: Teachers who do not have a valid email address will be prompted to submit one via the My Details screen when they log in.?