Student Admin

Student Admin provides the names, year level, email, username and password or all the students that are a member of your school account. Only teachers, booksellers and admin users can view Student Admin.

To access Student Admin, select the blue MyPlace icon from the Pearson Places navigation bar, then select Student Admin from the MyPlace menu.

  1. Select Download Student Details to download a CSV (a file you can view in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers) that contains the names, username, year level, username and password of students.
  2. If you have a class setup in Class admin, select a class to restrict the table view to just that class.
  3. Select the headers to reorder the list of students.
  4. Enter text into one or more of these fields and hit enter to search for specific student accounts. You can search by First Name, Last Name, Year Level, Email, Username and/or Date Created.
  5. Reset button: click on this button to remove the search filter and reset the content of the table view.