Navigating Reader V1.1

Contents page

When you open the Reader, the first page will be the contents. Unlike a book, where each unit or section could be split over multiple pages, in these Readers, each unit or section has its own single page.

  1. The Search this book button is located in the same location on every page of the Reader. Click the button to be directed to a search facility that searches within the entire Reader. If you'd like to search within the current page of the Reader, you could use the browser's search facility. You can access it by pressing Ctrl and F on a PC or Apple/Command and F on a Mac.
  2. The chapters and their contents are listed here. Throughout the Reader, you will see Plus and Minus buttons. When you click a Minus button you will minimise the contents below it. If you click a Plus button, more content will appear below. Thus, the contents of the chapter can be made to appear and reappear.
  3. Click the unit or section of the chapter you would like to access.
  4. Teacher and student resources that are of a general nature can be found on the contents page. If there are any, teachers can access student resources by clicking the See student resources link. In this case, you would have to scroll down to see the link.

The title header and controls for each page in the Reader will look similar.

  1. To access different parts of the chapter, point your cursor over the title of the Reader. A menu will open, providing links to the other pages. To return to the contents page, click the title of the Reader again.
  2. The Resources tab moves up and down the page as you do. Click on the tab to access the resources for that page. If you don't see a tab, there are no resources for that page. See the section 'Resources' for more information.
  3. To add a link, click the Add a link button. See the section 'Add a link' for more information. Below the Add a link button you can access the links added by you and your teacher. Click Links added by me or Links added by my teacher to see them.


When you click on the Resources tab, a window will open from the side of the page. The resources are relevant to that page and are categorised by type.

  1. Click the Resource link to launch or download the resource.
  2. If you're a teacher, you can see your students' resources by clicking the See student resources link. Click the See teacher resources link to return.
  3. Click the Resources tab again to close the resources window.