Navigating within the page

Other than scrolling and zooming within the page or alternating between a single and double page, the LOTE Reader has a unique way of sequentially displaying the content in small sections.

  1. Click to view the book in a double-page spread. On most screens, it may be difficult to view the content in this view without zooming.
  2. Click to view in a single-page spread. You will probably need to use the vertical scrollbar on the right of the page to view the rest of the page.
  3. Zoom in and out of the page. Use the scrollbars on the bottom and right side of the page to view the rest of the content. You need to use the cursor to click and drag the scrollbars. If you try using the scroll wheel of your mouse on the arrow buttons, it will not work.

To view the content in sections, make sure you are in double-page mode. Click any of the content on the page. The section of the content you clicked on will enlarge within the page. You need to experiment with this feature to see if it's right for you.

  1. Draw on the content.
  2. Zoom out back to normal double-page mode.
  3. Go to the previous section of content.
  4. Go to the next section of content.