Accessing resources

You can find resources in two locations: on the page and in the resources window. When you see the icons below on the page, click them to access the resource:

  • This means the interactive lessons are suitable for an IWB, and can be completed by students individually or in pairs. Each interactive lesson open in a new tab, so simply close the tab to exit it. Instructions appear as soon as the interactive lesson opens.

  • The listening activities are relevant to the section of the text this icon is near. Click the play button to listen to the words, sentences and conversations.

Click the Resources button in the middle of the bottom toolbar to access the resources window. In the window that opens, you will see a list of resources that are located on the current page or pages.

Click the Explore resource bank button to access any resource. With this facility you can search by keywords, and can restrict the results by chapter and resource type.