The three panels

Pearson Reader 2.0 has three panels:

  • Navigation: use this panel to find chapters and units, resources and Active Review. Select the Search icon to find content in the Reader.
  • Content: when you choose a page from the Navigation Panel, the content will appear here. The front page gives you quick access to the last three pages and resources you viewed and the Active Review Dashboard.
  • Notes: any notes that you have added to the page in the Content Panel appear here.

Flexible layout

The layout of the panels will change depending on the width of your screen or browser window.

In a wide browser or screen, you can see all three panels.

Select the top borders of the side panels (Navigation and Notes Panels) to close them. When the side panels are closed, select their edges to open them.

In a medium width browser or screen, you can see one of the side panels open at a time. This is the view you will typically see if you are viewing the Reader on a tablet in landscape orientation. If you are using a touch screen, you can swipe left or right over the Content Panel to open and close the side panels.

In a small width browser or screen, an open side panel will cover the Content Panel. This is the view you will typically see if you are viewing Reader on a tablet in portrait orientation. If you are using a touch screen, you can swipe over the side panels to open and close them.

Finding content

Use the left Navigation Panel to find content and resources. The content is arranged in the same way as in the corresponding book. In the case of Science, for example, the first level has a list of chapters and resources that are applicable to the whole book. To find a unit or resource applicable to an individual chapter, select the chapter to reveal the next navigation level. Select the unit you want to view from this list. A list of sub-units and resources associated with the unit will then appear below.

Finding Active Review

The location of Active Review in the Reader differs depending on the subject.

Pearson Maths: Select a chapter and look for the Chapter Review at the end of the chapter menu. Select Chapter Review. The Active Review topics will be located in the Chapter Review menu.

Pearson Science: Select a chapter and then a unit in the chapter menu. The Active Review is located in the unit menu.

Pearson English: Select a chapter. Active Review is the last option in the chapter menu. There may be multiple topics in the Active Review menu.

Pearson History: Select a chapter, then a unit from the chapter menu. Most of the units have an Active Review in the unit menu.

Note: Not every chapter/unit in the Pearson Readers will contain an Active Review.

Navigation in the content panel

A coloured tab icon indicates more information is available. Select the Tab and the information will appear below. The colour and name of the tab varies depending on the Reader and the content of the extra information.

Many of the images, particularly in Pearson Science, can be enlarged. If this is icon appears in the top right corner of an image, the image can be enlarged. Within the image pop-up box, you can zoom in and out on the image using the Plus and Minus buttons.