Dashboard for teachers

The Dashboard allows teachers to review their students' progress, give feedback and mark any questions that require teacher marking. To set up Active Review for your class, refer to the class admin article.

Accessing the Active Review Dashboard

  1. From the top bar of Pearson Places, select the MyPlace icon. From the drop-down menu select Dashboard, which has a blue tick icon.
  2. Alternatively, select the Dashboard link from the front page of the Reader.

There is a different Dashboard for each Reader. From the Dashboard Entry page, select the Reader you would like to access.

Navigating the Dashboard home page

The home page of the Dashboard lists the tests that have been completed by your students, provides the ability to search and filter the list of tests and gives you an indication of how many activities require teacher marking.

  1. The test list displays the tests that have been completed by your students. Select the test to go to the class test page. If you have multiple classes there will be an entry for each class, as shown here, where ‘Nouns (Revision) – Activity’ has been completed by students from both 8AEnglish and 8BEnglish.
  2. Enter a search term to filter the test list. A search term could be a class name or a word from the name of a test.
  3. Select More to filter the test list by a date range.
  4. Select Refresh to display tests that have been completed since you last logged in to the Dashboard.
  5. The student list displays all of your students by class. Select a name to display the tests completed by that student. A number next to a student’s name indicates that they have completed one or more tests that you have not reviewed.
  6. Select Back to My Passport to logout and go back to the Pearson Places passport page.
  7. Select Home to come back to the Dashboard home page.

Each test entry will show the following:

  1. The name of the test.
  2. The number of tests that have been submitted by your class.
  3. The class name.
  4. The type of questions included in the test.
  5. When the test was submitted.

Navigating the class test page

The test page lists the submitted tests, the students who have submitted the test and students who have not submitted the test.

  1. The name of the test and the number of tests that have been submitted
  2. The name of the class
  3. The types of questions in the test
  4. The list of tests that have been submitted and the name of the student who submitted each one. Select an entry to go to the session page, where you can view, mark and give feedback on the test <anchor to the grade heading>. The blue icon indicates that the test has been marked. The time indicates when the test was submitted. An entry highlighted in blue indicates a test you have not yet reviewed.
  5. Enter the name of a student in the search filter to see tests submitted by that student only. Select More to filter the list by date and various other attributes. Select the Refresh icon to display tests submitted since you last logged in to the Dashboard.
  6. A list of students who have and have not submitted the test. In this case, a list of students who have not completed the test is displayed. To view the list of students who have completed the test, select the Completed by header.

Navigating the session page

The session page allows you to view, comment on and, if necessary, mark a test completed by the student.

  1. The summary tells you who submitted the test, the name of the test, the percentage of questions they have correctly answered and the type of questions in the test.
  2. You will see a list of the questions in the test, which you can view, comment on and, if necessary, mark.
  3. Select Back to return to the test page.
  4. Select Delete Session to delete the current test.
  5. When you have finished commenting and marking the test, select Save Grades. The student will be able to view or listen to your comments and see how you marked their test.
  6. Use the arrows to navigate forward or backward through the list of tests completed by your students.

There are two types of questions – ones that are marked automatically and those that require teacher marking.

Automatically marked questions, such as the one above, have green and or red marks over the answers given by the student. A green mark indicates that the answer was correct, and a red mark indicates the answer given was incorrect.

Questions that require teacher marking have no red or green marks and include a rubric, such as the one above, so you can mark the question. To mark a question:

  1. Select the blue i for marking criteria.
  2. Select the mark you think is appropriate for the student’s answer.

You have the option to write or record a comment for each question. The student will be able to view or playback the comment.

  1. Write your comment in the space provided.
  2. To record a comment, select Record. You may be asked to give permission for the site to access your computer’s microphone. A sound will play indicating that the recording has started and a pop-up box will appear. The pop-up box shows you the elapsed time and gives you the option to pause and resume the recording. When you have finished recording your message, select Stop. You can then playback the recording, or rerecord the message by selecting Record again. Note that you cannot record a comment on a tablet device.

Once you have completed your comments and marking, select Save Grades at the top or bottom of the session page.