Pearson Assess for Students

In Pearson Assess, students can:

The homepage of Pearson Assess gives students access to these four main functions. To return to the homepage from any page in Pearson Assess, select Home in the upper-right corner.

Create a Test

To create a test, select Create a Test from the Pearson Assess homepage.

The Create a Test page will look similar to the image below.

  1. Select your test content from the options under the Select Test Content heading. The blue headings are the names of the chapters from the corresponding Pearson Science or Pearson Mathematics Student Book. Select a chapter heading to show the units in that chapter. Select one or more units to choose test questions relating to those units. Units from multiple chapters can be selected.
  2. Enter a name for your test in the Test Name field. The Test Name field will already be populated with the chapter and units to which the test relates but you can change it to something else that is meaningful to you if you wish. From the Number of Questions drop-down menu, select the number of questions you wish to include in the test.
  3. Select Begin Test to take the test.

Assigned Tests

Select Assigned Tests from the Pearson Assess homepage to see if you have any tests assigned to you by your teacher.

Assigned tests will look like the one below. Each assigned test entry will include the name of test, the subject areas the test covers, the number of questions and the time limit. Select Start to take the test.

Take a Test

The Take a Test interface looks the same whether you are taking a test that you created yourself or one that was assigned to you by your teacher.

  1. Answer the test question displayed on the screen. For more information on answering the different question types, refer to the Question Types article.
  2. Once you have answered the question, select another question from the menu on the right or select Next. You can answer the questions in any order. Before you submit the test, you can go back to questions and change your answers.
  3. The elapsed time and total time limit are shown to the right of the test title. If you need to take a break, select Pause to stop the timer.
  4. Once you have completed the test, select Submit. After you submit the test, you will be directed to the Completed Tests page.

Completed Tests

To access completed tests and review your results, select Completed Tests from the Pearson Assess homepage.

The Completed Tests page will look similar to the image below.

  • The tests highlighted in blue are the tests you have not yet checked.
  • The list of completed tests can be filtered by date (select More) or by entering a search term into the search filter.
  • Select the completed test you would like to review.

The Session page shows your answers for the selected test and indicates whether they were marked correct or incorrect. The Session page will look similar to the image below.

  1. The box at the top displays general information about the test, including your name, the name of the test and when it was completed.
  2. The test questions will be listed here.
  3. Correct answers will be marked green with a tick. Incorrect questions will be marked red with a cross. Select or hover your cursor over an incorrect answer see the correct answer.
  4. The correct answer, information on how to achieve a correct answer or more information about the question topic can be found here.
  5. When you have finished reviewing your test, you can select the Next or Previous arrow buttons to go to the next or previous test.
  6. Select Back to return to the list of completed tests.

My Progress

To view your overall progress, select My Progress from the Pearson Assess homepage.

Your My Progress page will look similar to the image below.

  1. Select either Student Content or Teacher Content. Student Content compiles the results of the tests you created for yourself; Teacher Content compiles the results of tests that your teacher assigned to you.
  2. This is the name of the book chapter to which the progress corresponds.
  3. Progress results are sorted by unit.
  4. Your progress for each unit is shown here.
  5. Select PDF Export or CSV Export to export your results as one of these file types.