Teacher - Create and Assign Tests

To be able to create and assign tests, you need to create a class and assign your Pearson Assess to that class. If you haven’t done this yet, refer to the Class Admin article.

The homepage of Pearson Assess gives you access to the four main functions. To return to this page, select Home in the upper right of any Pearson Assess page.

The basic procedure of Pearson Assess is as follows:

  • The teacher creates a test.
  • The teacher assigns the test.
  • The student completes the test.
  • The marked test appears in completed tests.
  • Results from all tests are compiled into the teacher reports, which give the teacher an indication of the progress of their students.

Create a test

To create a test, select Create a Test from the home page. The create a test page will look similar to the image below.

Under Select Test Content, you can select questions based on the Book Chapter or the ACARA code. In the following example, Book chapter was chosen.

  1. To choose questions based on a chapter, select the checkbox next to the chapter name. Alternatively, select the blue chapter name to choose a unit. If you selected ACARA code, select the blue ACARA category to view the individual ACARA codes and their descriptions.
    1. The test name and description will be automatically filled based on your selections, however you can change them to anything that will be meaningful to you and your students.
    2. The questions are categorised according to difficulty. Choose between Foundation, Standard or Advanced and all questions that are categorised at that level will be included, plus some from the other categories.
    3. Select the number of questions from the available number of questions.
    4. Choose to keep the recommended time or enter your own.
  2. Select Save and your test will be created and you will be directed to the assign a test page. Select View Questions to view the selected questions and choose different questions from the automatically chosen set.

If you choose View Questions the following page will appear.

  1. A summary of your test, including name, level, area, allocated time and number of questions.
  2. Each question is listed here. You can drag and drop the questions to change their order.
  3. The level of the question.
  4. Select the magnifying glass icon to view the full question. You will also be able to view the other questions in your test too.
  5. Select the refresh icon to change to another question.
  6. Select Save to save your changes. You will be directed to the Assign a Test page.
  7. Select Back to return to the first create a test page if you would like to change some aspect of the test, including the name, number of questions or level. The changes you made will be saved.

Once you have saved your test, you will be directed to the Assign a Test page. The test you have just created will be the first in the list.

Assign a test

From the Pearson Assess homepage, select Assign a test. Alternatively, you would have been directed to this page when you saved a test from the Create a Test page.

  1. Select a test. They are in order of most to least recently created.
  2. Once you have selected a test, you have the option to Create Re-sit, Create Mirror or Create Similar Test. You do not have to select any of these options.
    1. Create Re-sit duplicates the test.
    2. Create Mirror only appears in Maths. Each question has a mirror question that tests the same skill, but has slightly different figures and answer. If you create a mirror test, the test will be duplicated with these mirror questions instead of the original questions.
    3. Create Similar Test will direct you to the Create a Test page. The details that were used to create the test will be same.
  3. Select the blue class name to show or hide the list of students in that class. Tick the checkbox next to the class name to select the whole class or tick the checkbox next to the student name to assign the test to individual students. If you have already assigned the test, the student you assigned the test to will already be ticked. If any of those students have completed the test, the percentage they achieved will appear next to their name.
  4. Once you have selected the class and/or students, select Assign Test.