Primary eBook Online

The Pearson Primary eBook online is currently available through the Pearson English 3-6 platform.


The easiest way to find out how to use eBook is to explore the interface. If you don't know what a button does, hover your cursor over it and a tooltip will appear or just select the button and see what it does. You won't break it!

The contents

To go to a particular chapter:

  1. Select contents.
  2. Select a chapter from the list. You may need to scroll the list to see all of the contents.

Changing the page

Use the controls in the centre of the bottom toolbar to change the page.

  • Left arrow: go back a page. You can also use the left arrow key on your keyboard.
  • Right arrow: go forward a page. You can also use the right arrow key on your keyboard.
  • Page number: select the page number, enter a new page number and select the enter/return key on your keyboard.


Use the zoom controls in the bottom toolbar to change the size of the page.

  • Plus: Increase the size of the page.
  • Fit to page: Make the page fit in the available space.
  • Minus: Decrease the size of the page.

Single and double page view

Use the single and double page buttons in the bottom toolbar to switch between single and double page view. If you do not see these buttons, it means you are single page only mode because your browser or screen is not big enough for a double page view.


  1. Select search.
  2. Enter the term you would like to search for.
  3. Select the result to go to the page.
  4. The search term will appear highlighted on the page.


Highlights, with pen marks and notes, are stored in the Flash Player cache. If other students use the same eBook, on the same computer, with the same computer login, then the annotations will also appear for them.

  1. Select highlight and the cursor will change to the highlight icon.
  2. Choose a colour from the palette.
  3. Click and drag over the text to apply the highlight.
  1. The change the colour delete a highlight, hover the cursor over the highlight and select a colour or delete from the popup palette.
  2. To end highlight move, close the colour palette, select highlight or any other button.


  1. Select pen and the cursor will change to the pen icon.
  2. Choose a colour from the palette.
  3. Draw on the page.


  1. Select eraser.
  2. Select the pen mark or highlight you would like to delete.


  1. Select add a note and the cursor will change to a note icon.
  2. Select anywhere on the page to add the note.
  3. Enter your text into the note popup. Select anywhere to close and save the note. Select the delete icon to delete the note.
  1. To view all of your notes, select notes in the top tool bar.
  2. The list of notes will appear. Select the note to go to the page with that note.
  3. Select delete to delete the note.
  4. Double click the note to open it.

Clear all annotations

Allows you to delete all the annotations (highlights, pen and notes) in the eBook. If others use the same eBook on the same computer, this may also delete their annotations.

  1. Select the cog.
  2. Select Clear All Annotations
  3. An alert will ask you to confirm.


Select a quiz icon on the page to open a quiz.

Answer the quiz and select Submit to see if your answer is correct. You will have two attempts to answer the question correctly before the answer is given. The answers are not saved or displayed to the teacher. Select the black cross to close the quiz and return to the eBook.


  1. Select the audio icon and the audio player will appear.
  2. Select play/pause to start and stop the audio.
  3. Drag the scrubber to change the location in the audio.
  4. Select close to stop the audio and close the player.

Other resources

Other resources will appear on the page as the Pearson P icon. Hover your cursor oven the P to see the name of the resource. These resources, such as PDFs and videos will open in your browser.