Primary eBook iPad (bookshelf)

This article covers the bookshelf part of the Primary eBook iPad app. For information about the eBook reader part of the app, see the Primary eBook iPad (reader) article.

Download the app

To get the Pearson Primary eBook app, go to the App Store of your iPad and search for Primary eBook. Look for the Primary eBook icon and select Free to download the app.

If you are using an iPad and attempt to open an eBook in Safari, you will be prompted to download or open the app.

The bookshelves

There are three bookshelves:

  1. New and recent eBooks: displays the last eBooks you opened or downloaded.
  2. My Favourite eBooks: displays your favourite eBooks.
  3. All eBooks: displays all of your eBooks categorised by product and topic.

Downloading eBooks

To download eBooks you need a Pearson Places username and password and eBooks assigned to your account. To view a list of the eBooks you can download:

  1. Select the Check for New eBooks icon.
  2. Enter your Pearson Places username.
  3. Enter your Pearson Places password.
  4. Select Log in and Check.

The list may only show some of the eBooks you can download, to see more, push the list up with your finger. To download eBooks:

  1. Tick the box next to the eBook name.
  2. Select Download.

New and recent eBooks

The last eight or nine eBooks that were either downloaded or opened appear in New and recent eBooks.

All eBooks

This bookshelf displays all the eBooks that are downloaded to the iPad. To find an ebook:

  1. Select All eBooks.
  2. Select the product the eBook belongs to.
  1. Select the topic the eBook belongs to.
  2. To go back, select All eBooks.

Select the eBook to open it.

Favourite eBooks

To make a book appear in your Favourites bookshelf, select the star in the top right corner of the eBook cover image. It should change from grey to orange.

All favourite eBooks will appear in the My Favourite eBooks bookshelf.

Delete eBooks

To delete an eBook, press and hold an eBook cover image until the bin icon appears in the top right corner. Select the bin to delete the eBook.

An alert will appear. Select Delete to confirm.

Expired eBooks

All eBooks have an expiry date. If you try to open an eBook that has expired, you will be asked to enter your Pearson Places username and password to retrieve a new expiry date. If you are no longer authorised to access the eBook, you can delete the eBook.

Clear all annotations

To clear all the annotations (highlights, pen marks and notes) in every eBook:

  1. Select the cog.
  2. Select Clear all annotations.

You can also clear the annotations for a single eBook from within that eBook.