Access and setup


This video demonstrates how to log into Pearson Places and set up your class. Recommended for teachers.

Access Pearson Lightbook

Login with your Pearson Places username and password. Your username is likely to be some variation of your name.

You can access products you have purchased, including Pearson Lightbook, from the passport.

Various admin functions, including changing your password, are available from My Admin in the My Place menu.

To access your Pearson Lightbook, select a Pearson Lightbook icon from your passport.

Lightbook Technology options (Maths only)

The content in a Maths Lightbook changes depending on what type of technology you use.

To access the Technology settings, select the menu from the top navigation bar.

From the Technology dropdown select either ClassPad, Mathematica or TI-Nspire CAS

From the menu, you can also access the Progress Tracker, the Course Outline, glossaries, an option to send us feedback, help information, and Logout.

Create a class (teacher only)

The reporting functionality in Lightbook requires that you connect your account with your students account. You can do this by creating a class and linking that class to the relevant Lightbook.

From your passport page, select the blue My Place icon in the top navigation bar.

From the MyPlace menu, select Class Admin.

Select Create New Class

Enter a class name and select Create.

To add students to your class, the students need to be moved from the Students not in class list to the Students in class list.

The Students not in class list includes all the students with an account at your school. You can reduce the list by selecting a year level from the See dropdown. Select the First Name, Last Name or Year column header to order the list.

Select the checkbox next to the students you want to add to your class and then select the right arrow to move them to the Students in class list.

Review the students in your class. You can remove a student by selecting the checkbox next to their name and selecting the left arrow to move them back into the Students not in class list.

Select the checkbox next to the Lightbook you want to assign to your class.

Select Save.

For more information about Class Admin, see the Class Admin article.