This video shows you the navigational features of Pearson Lightbook. Recommended for students and teachers.

Table of contents and breadcrumbs

Lightbook is made up of units, chapters and modules.

Select a unit.

Select a chapter.

Select a module to access the content.

The path you have chosen is reflected in the breadcrumbs.

To view the name of the current chapter, hover over the chapter number. Select the chapter number to return to the list of modules for that chapter.

To view the name of the current Lightbook, hover over the home icon. Select the home icon to return to the list of chapters in Lightbook.

Module navigation

Each module has two tabs, one with Content (Science) or Active theory (Maths), the other with Review (Science) or Active exercises (Maths).

The Content/Active Theory tab has a mini table of contents, which allows you to quickly switch between different topics in the tab.

Alternatively, you can scroll down the page to view the topics.

Then select a topic to expand it.


Search allows you to find the location of any keyword in Lightbook.

Select Search from the top navigation bar.

Enter your search term and select Enter/Return.

The results are listed in categories, including chapter and module names and content. Select the search result to view the content. Or, if you don’t find the result you’re looking for, you can return to where you were before by selecting the cross in the navigation bar.


Jumpcodes are to Lightbook as page numbers are to a textbook. Jumpcodes can be found next to topics in Lightbook.

To find a jumpcode, select the jumpcode icon .

To enter a jumpcode, select Search in the top navigation bar.

Enter the jumpcode into the search field and select Enter/Return.