My Place Passport

When you login to Pearson Places, you will be directed to the My Place Passport, a central location to access your resources. If you need to find it, click the blue My Place button in the navigation bar. In the drop-down list, your passport is the first option.

Your My Place Passport will look similar to the one below, but with different products. In the passport, you will be able to access Readers, Places and other products you or your school has purchased by clicking the product name or thumbnail.

  1. The navigation bar can be found at the top of most pages in Pearson Places. Through the navigation bar you can return to the MyPlace Passport, access all of your Readers, Places and other products, logout, find help and search Pearson Places.
  2. The passport gives you access to all of your Readers, Places, products and free textbook support material.
  3. If you receive an access code to activate a Reader or other product, enter the combination or letters and numbers here, without spaces or other characters.
  4. Playlist allows you to create lists of interactives from Pearson Places, so you can access them quickly and easily later on.