Progress tracker


This video demonstrates the features of the Pearson Lightbook Progress Tracker. Recommended for teachers.

About the Progress tracker

The progress tracker provides an overview of your progress through Lightbook.

To access the progress tracker from within the Lightbook, select in the top navigation bar and choose Progress tracker from the menu, then select your Lightbook/class

The progress tracker reports on exercises from the following sections.

Mathematics Lightbooks:

  • Before you begin in chapter overview.
  • Active Exercises in the second tab of the modules.
  • Half time in the middle of the chapter.
  • Summary at the end of a chapter.

Science Lightbooks:

  • Before you begin in chapter overview.
  • Checkpoints in the first tab of the modules.
  • Review in the second tab of the modules.
  • Summary at the end of a chapter.

Progress bar

A progress bar is used to display your progress through a chapters or modules questions.

  1. Green is correct.
  2. Yellow is correct, however the student had more than two attempts or accessed the worked solution or answer.
  3. Red is incorrect
  4. Dark grey is complete, but requires marking (Science Lightbooks only).
  5. Light grey is incomplete.

Class progress view (teachers only)

The class progress view provides teachers with an overview of their students progress. The first table provides an overview of the entire lightbook, with each column representing a chapter. If there are more chapters than will fit on your screen, use the blue arrows to view them.

Choose a chapter from the dropdown to view student progress for each module within that chapter.

To view the progress of a particular student, select the students name from the class view.

Student view

To access the student view, teachers select the student’s name from the class progress view. For students, the student view is the default Progress Tracker view.

The first column of the student view details the chapters in the Lightbook. Select the chapter name to view the individual modules in that chapter. Teachers can use the student dropdown to view another student's progress.

Question View

The question view is coming soon. Features include:

  • Review student reponses and give text or audio feedback.
  • Mark long-text and drawing questions (science only).
  • Class progress for individual questions.