How to Reactivate Pearson eBook 3.0 or Reader 1.0

Login to

If you don't already have a Pearson Places account, select Create a new account.

Ensure you have the 12 digit code. It is usually found in the back of the book.

Enter the code into the Enter access code box, located at the top, right hand side of your Passport.

Select Submit.

Enter the name of your school (if required) and select Purchase to confirm that the information on this page is correct.

Enter all contact details and select Credit Card to proceed.

Contact details are required to post your invoice.

Enter credit card details and select Submit order.

Upon completion of the order you will receive notification that the payment has been accepted and the product is now active and available in your Pearson Places Passport.

Select the Pearson Places icon in the top left hand corner to return to the passport.

Additional information regarding accessing and using your Pearson Places account is available from our Help page.