enVisionMATHS for teachers

Login to Pearson Places

Go to www.pearsonplaces.com.au

  1. Enter your Pearson Places username
  2. Enter your Pearson Places password
  3. Select Login.

Accessing enVisionMATHS resources

Select the enVisionMATHS icon. It will look like the icon below.

Your version of the enVisionMATHS platform will look similar to the image below.

Select the year level of the topic you want to access.

Each year level includes year level resources and up to 13 topics.

Select the year level resources to access teacher support material for that year level. Begin with the Overview and Implementation Guide to learn how to use the resources.

Select a topic to access topic resources, lessons and assessment.

Select Topic Resources to access the Teacher Resource Booklet, Digital Activity Sheet and the Interview Assessment (years F-2 only).

Each topic can include up to 12 lessons. Select Lessons and then select a lesson to access the resources.

In years F-4, lessons include a visual learning animation, visual learning bridge and differentiated worksheets. In years 5-6, lessons do not include an animation, however there is a Topic Opener Video included in Topic Resources.

Select Pre- and Post-Assessment to access student assessment PDFs that align to the maths concepts in each topic.

Allocating enVisionMATHS resources to students

Teachers can allocate some of the resources to their students. For years F-4 the animation and bridge from each lesson can be allocated. For years 5-6 the bridge from each lesson and the Topic Opener Video can be allocated. The resources will appear for students as outlined in the Envision For Students article.

To allocate resources:

  1. Select Allocate Resources to access the allocation table.
  2. Select a class from the dropdown. If you don't have any classes, refer to the Class Admin article and set one up.
  3. For each student you can select one or more lessons to allocate. You can also select the check box directly under the lesson to allocate a lesson to all students in the selected class.
  4. Once you have changed the table, the Save button will appear.

By default, all students have access to the Maths Tools. To access these tools, select the Maths Tools icon.

Students also have access to the Game Centre, however you can revoke their access by deselecting the Game Centre checkbox in the allocation table. To access these games, select the Game Centre icon.