The passport gives you access to all of your Readers, Places, products and free textbook support material.

  1. These are quick links to the categories in the Passport. The products category includes any textbook PDFs that you have access to, Exam Café and Primary products, such as Bug Club and Stretch. The Places category includes in Primary or Second Places that you have access to. The Pearson Toolkit includes support material, such as Student ProductLink and Teacher ProductLink, which contain free textbook specific support material.
  2. Click the List button to view your passport as a list, or Tile to view your passport as tiles.
  3. Under the thumbnail or icon is the title of the Reader or product and an expiry date.
  4. After the expiry date, you will no longer have access to that Reader or product. Click remove to delete that icon from your Passport. If you intend to renew the Reader or product, do not delete the icon.