Australian Signpost Maths F-6 for teachers

Log in to Pearson Places

Go to

  1. Enter your Pearson Places username
  2. Click Login
  3. Enter your Pearson Places password
  4. Select Login

Accessing Australian Signpost Maths F-6 resources

Select the Australian Signpost Maths F-6 icon in the top navigation bar. It will look like this:

Or select the ASM F-6 icon in your passport.

Your version of the Australian Signpost Maths F-6 platform will look similar to this:

Choose a view: Maths Topics, Austrlian Curriculum or Signpost Units

On the left side, select a year level to display the list of strands/units.

Each year level includes year-level resources, such as assessment materials, the analysis tool, planning documents and printable resources.

Click on a strand or unit (for example Numbers and Algebra in the Maths Topics and Australian Curriculum views, or a unit number in the Signpost Units view) to expand the substrands (Maths Topics and Australian Curriculum views only).

Click on a substrand to expand the lessons.

Click on a lesson to view the resources.

Click the + to the right to expand each set of assets.

Maths tools

To access these tools, select the Maths Tools icon at the top right of the page.